Dinner with Rami Sherman

Dinner with Rami Sherman


    JNF Pacific

Thank you to those who joined us for this special evening! Over 200 members of our community came out to hear the firsthand story of the Entebbe rescue mission from Major Rami Sherman.  


Join us for a Friday night dinner with Rami Sherman, who led one of Israel's most daring hostage rescue operations. 

Hear the breathtaking and riveting first-hand account of Rami Sherman's hostage rescue operation, during the famous raid on Entebbe. 

Rami Sherman grew up in kibbutz Lehavot Habashan in the north of Israel. During his army service, he served in the IDF's Navy Seal unit with the rank of Major. In 1976, during the Entebbe Operation, Rami served as Yoni Netanyahu's Operations Officer. He will share with us his crucial role in leading the hostages on the Hercules planes and to freedom. 

Join us on November 18th, 2022: 
4:15pm Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat 
5:30pm Dinner 
Adults $40, Kids $25

Presented in collaboration with JNF Pacific Region and generously sponsored by the Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Board.