Community Development

Community Development projects specifically build up public spaces such as parks and playgrounds, family and community centers, security shelters, and provide services such as after-school care, recreational activities, business training for women, mental health support, and security.

Recent projects: Accessible Playground in Kiryat Malachi, Security Shelter for B’nei Netzarim, transformation of Airplane Park

Community Development Projects


Education is key to breaking cycles of poverty and is a critical long-term investment towards stronger communities. We fundraise for educational projects such as expanding schools to accommodate increasing demand; after-school programs for tutoring and support, and education through museums and exhibits. 

Recent projects: The Space Mobile, Beit Haedut Holocaust Education Museum, The JNF Canada Bervin House

Education Projects


Our environmental work includes forestry efforts like planting or rehabilitating forests, responding to wildfires, as well as outdoor education like nature camps for students. We’ve also laid 1000s of kms of cycling trailers and other recreational infrastructure to promote getting outdoors. 

Recent projects: Restoring the Jerusalem Hills after wildfire, Hula Valley Bird Migration Centre, Lavi Field & Forest Camp

Environment Projects