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JNF Future Ambassador Program

JNF Future Ambassador Program

Fundraising is one of JNF Future’s key pillars, which stems from the Jewish concept of tzedakah, giving to those in need, a value and tradition that many keep from a young age. 

The JNF Future Ambassador Program provides young professionals (22 - 40 years of age) the opportunity for tzedakah at a giving level that is manageable. This allows you to easily support Israel throughout the year. 

Join a dedicated group of philanthropic young professionals, who together will impact the lives of countless Israelis for years to come. Become a JNF Future Ambassador for just $15 a month, or $180 for the year. 

Additional benefits of becoming a JNF Future Ambassador include: 
Early access to event registration
Special pricing for events and programs 
Invitations to exclusive Ambassador events
Recognition on Future Honour Roll (if desired) 
and more! 

Please note that you must be 22 to 40 years of age to join our Future Ambassador Program. 

It is also recommended that you join early in the year to receive your full benefits. Your membership is only valid from the time you signup to the end of that calendar year. 

Future Ambassador Honour Roll:
Aaron Rosenthal 
Alexandra Chris 
Alexandra Cuperfain 
Aliza Fagen 
Amy Green 
Andrew Spinner 
Ariel Figdor 
Ariel Davis 
Benjamin Buckler 
Benjamin Singer 
Brittany Sud 
Chana Edelstein 
Charles Gabay 
Corey Greenberg 
Danielle Faber 
David Burden 
Eli Artman 
Eric Wang 
Estee Zacks 
Evguenia Chukhovich 
Faith Feldman Stoppel 
Giulia D'Aleandro 
Gonen Hollander 
Hailey Harris 
Ilia Valitsky 
Jacob Klugsberg 
Jason Miller 
Jay Benaim 
Jeffery Frymer 
Jessica Handelman 
Jodi Chait 
Joelle Rabinowitz 
Jonathan Diamond 
Jonathan Spiegelman 
Jordan Waldman 
Joshua Eisen 
Kortney Shapiro 
Kyle Harris 
Kyle Lichtman 
Lea J. Bloom 
Leor Mann 
Lisa Schwartz 
Margarita Cargher 
Matthew Cohn 
Meir Gasner 
Michael Gilmore 
Michael Goldfarb 
Michael Ralson 
Molly Martin 
Perri Chaikof 
Rafi Yablonsky 
Robert Disenhouse 
Sam Scutella 
Samuel Rubin 
Shane Urowitz 
Taia Samuel 
Valerie Sedlezky 
Yehuda Belzberg

Questions?  Reach out to our Director of Events and Community Engagement, Melanie Kushner, at melanie.kushner@jnf.ca.

JNF Future Ambassador Program